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VMV Med Marketing Services, Inc.

Our Executive Team

Experienced Executive Leaders with a demonstrated history of working in the Healthcare and Service Industry. We are skilled and specialize in Patient Services, Customer and Concierge Service Management, International Affairs, Physician Relations, Business Development, Customer Retention and Philanthropy.

We can increase your patient referrals and customer retention!

My History

I am a HEALTHCARE-SERVICE INDUSTRY EXECUTIVE with vast experience in hospital and hotel operations.

My focus has always been the patient and customer experience, International affairs and business development. I've had the good fortune in be involved in ALL aspects of operations, service development, marketing and business management.

I want to continue Making a difference in people's Lives".

Our mission

To build relationships with our customer population, our healthcare and service industry communities (Locally and Internationally). To provide innovative thinking, integrated health care and retail products, services and to be able to access and offer the BEST customer service-retention practices while constantly researching trends, auditing, providing education and training.

We can help your business!

VMV Med Marketing Services, Inc.

Experienced Healthcare & Marketing Executives with proven results, creative ideas and techniques for the new millennium.

We can help your business!

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